Our Mission

To fuel business transformation in the digital age through learning. 

At the Stratability Academy, we help our customers and partners to transform and innovate better and faster, by teaching them how to build their strategic ability, execute their strategies, and achieve outcomes of value for all stakeholders.

We do this through our best-practice tools and techniques, available as online and workshop based courses and programs, which are all based on THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework, supported by our global team of industry experts, architects and scientists. 


Who’s working with us

We work with individuals and enterprises of all sizes – big, medium and small. Interested in joining our growing list of customers and partners? Get in touch with a member of our team!

Our latest Enterprise Customers

Our course participants come from some of the world’s biggest companies and institutions across many different industry sectors from around the world.

Our latest SME and Start-Up Customers

We offer learning programs often supported by coaching as well as short courses designed to suit the needs of expanding Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and fast growing start-ups.

Our Partners

Our partners help us to build relationships in different industry sectors and to reach new learners from all corners of the globe. 

Our Team

Blending corporate strategy & entrepreneurship, we have over 80 years of global industry experience.
Julie Choo

Digital Transformation & Start-Up Scaling Expert

Dr. Graham Christison

Operating Model & Business Architecture Expert

Sam Chia

Business Growth Expert Small & Medium Enterprises

Lauren Houghton

Leadership & Capabilities Transformation Expert

Kelvin King

Business & Asset Valuation Expert

Danny Graham

Business Development Lead

Eric Leconte

Technical Advisor, Blockchain Expert

Lance Houghton

Advisor & Innovation Expert

Laura Winton

Researcher & Non-Profit Expert

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