Transforming Operating Models with Service Design


Available in online and workshop formats - see options listed below.

A proven method tested via extensive practical application  

The Strategy Journey

The method underpinning the course is built on THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework. This illustrates how businesses, no matter their size, are continuously traversing through the 5 stages of this THE STRATEGY JOURNEY.

Customer Value Led

A clear focus on the customer viewpoint is used through this course ensuring that an 'outside in' measure on value is used rather than a internal company centric 'inside out' perception of what value is to a  customer.

Real World Case Study

The course is brought to life throughout via a 'real world' case study to illustrate the application of the techniques.  Students build the outputs aligned to each days learning in teams and perform role plays.

A Service Design based approach..

The  OPERATING MODEL of a business is at the heart of how the business delivers value to customers.  It is how all the components of the organization work together to  deliver the products & services that support the Business Model.  Whether you are concerned with growing profit, digitizing services, counteracting disruptions from new  entrants or just  reducing the cost of operations, changes in the elements of the Operating Model are required - services, processes, people, information, systems,  suppliers, locations.

Service Design encapsulates customer value delivered as a key driver. The method details how to transform a business operating model to deliver this value.


Addressing Key Business Challenges...


COMPETITION: Is your business falling behind in service richness or quality impacting your market share. 

INNOVATION: Innovation is not integral to the normal process of Transformation in your business.

COSTS: Your cost base is too high - how do you cut this without impacting the service quality to customers?

EXPERIENCE: Your customers don't think you're doing a good enough job for them.  How do you remedy this

EFFICIENCYCould you use automation to automate the right activities? Do you have too many manual processes?

DIGITAL: Are you spending money on digital transformation projects that are not delivering  the right outcomes?

RESOURCES: Your teams are working in silos resulting in duplication. How do you resolve and share resources

PEOPLE: How do you change attitudes, provide  motivation, and create a more inclusive innovative culture?

PLANNING: How does your business attain a focus on the long-term whilst  continuing to tactically deliver value ?


To Master Value driven Business Transformation..

At Stratability, a wealth of practical experience cross industry has been harvested to develop our academy offerings.  This workshop is applicable to all sectors of business whether a StartupSME or a Large Global Corporate as well as Council or Government Departments and Non-profits and aligned to the following roles:

  • Product Managers
  • Business Service Owners/Designers
  • Strategy & Innovation Specialists 
  • Enterprise & Domain Architects 
  • Process Architects & Analysts
  • Business Architects & Analysts


Four delivery options available (USD):

Modular, lesson based online course format


Self driven through portal

Work through the modules & exercises at your own pace. Monthly payment options.

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Modular, lesson based online course + Webinars


Self driven + Instructor Webinars

As Online + live instructor led webinars covering key  elements and modules. Monthly payment options.

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A three day, in person, instructor led course


Instructor driven

A public classroom based workshop held at hub venues internationally

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A bespoke in-house course for your enterprise

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Instructor driven

A classroom based  workshop tailored to your specific  requirements 

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