“Success lies in the journey.  Not the destination.” - Ben Sweetland





Futureproof, transform & thrive
in the Digital Age. 
Your ultimate illustrated guide through every stage of your business…a roadmap to navigating tomorrow’s business climate – TODAY!














In our fast changing digital economy, any business small or big can FAIL - especially if it doesn’t know HOW TO SCALE.

Even the biggest giants can experience devastating and fatal failures, as we’ve seen with Kodak, Blockbuster, SunEdison and more... including a few banks.


Do you know how scalable, or disruption proof, your own business is? Are you wasting TIME and FUNDS and NOT getting results?

Want to know the secrets that enable start-ups to grow & scale into success stories like Amazon, Google, Apple and Tesla?

Want to see HOW the next wave of business success stories are using gamifcation to change the rules to win in the game of business?


DON’T become another STATISTIC  - it’s time to change the game for your business!

ENTER >>> The Strategy Journey

A first of it’s kind, business strategy book with one goal in mind - to teach you how to win in today’s rapidly expanding digital world.
The ultimate on what-to-do and what-NOT-to-do guide on strategy.

It’s a map you can follow to transform your business and thrive in today’s hyper-connected, fast-paced marketplace.   It takes more than upgraded tech, or overhauling your marketing - your entire organisation must undergo a complete culture shift and become customer co-created, value-driven, and fully network integrated.

This book demystifies the different strategies used and gives you the complete guidance system and framework that any business (small or large) can implement.

This is not your usual boring, theory based, strategy book. This is a visual, hands-on guide that takes you on a journey of success and implementation.  It’s a mountain of books condensed into just one… and one that you’ll refer back to over and over again.

We cover real businesses, both in success and failure, to show you how you can beat the statistics and not only survive, but grow and thrive. Read about real examples of strategy in action through an amazing collection of case studies.

Welcome to the FUTURE of business…


The Strategy Journey is a comprehensive, full colour, illustrated How To guide that walks you through the five stage framework all businesses exist within.  

Using colourful design thinking templates you'll be able to quickly connect the dots, identify problems, and follow guided paths to solve any challenge.
This is your complete roadmap for success, covering the business lifecycle and appropriate strategy END TO END.  

The authors and collaborators are real people, who’ve held real positions with real companies from all over the world.  You could say they know a thing or 2 about business and strategy… and now they want to share their discoveries and unlock the secrets of successful businesses with YOU.

Lead Author and former software engineer Julie Choo has helped a variety of multi-nationals successfully scale and transform, including General Motors, General Electric, HSBC, Barclays, and Deutsch Bank. In The Strategy Journey, she shares her invaluable advice so you can learn how to follow their example.
Her team of co-experts include Enterprise Architect Dr Graham Christison, Leadership Expert Lauren Houghton, Business Mastercoach Sam Chia, former financial adviser to the UK Government, Kelvin King, and many others …
Together they have over 100+ years combined digital business expertise - worth many millions if you add up all the consulting and advisory work they have provided in that time - now brought to you in one comprehensive book.


Building True Business Agility and a Customer Driven Brand – Your ultimate keys to success!

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • An innovative METHOD you can start using immediately using 3 clearly laid out paths you can follow to tackle any challenge
  • The ultimate KEYS to business success - how to create a customer driven model and build true business agility
  • Use easy-to-follow guided paths to solve problems with 25 colourful design thinking templates – one for any stage of your business
  • Know what mistakes to avoid and what success techniques to employ using our case study examples
  • Identify problems and where to begin when too many challenges start to mount, by design thinking a Digital Business Blueprint for the journey.


Learn from past failures...
The Strategy Journey examines 8 clear examples of why failure occurs.

Even large brands get things drastically wrong at times. In an in-depth case study, you'll learn why Lego got their approach to innovating and scaling/transforming all wrong and why Blockbuster and Kodak failed by focusing on scaling the wrong things, in the wrong areas. You'll discover why Sun Edison scaled in the wrong way, and why surgu, webvan, and everpix, all got scaling wrong too.

Success stories you can replicate…
The Strategy Journey takes a look at why some companies succeed, using stand out examples you can learn from Aristotle’s four pillars for a good life: Health, Wealth, Knowledge and Connectivity.

You'll find out how Facebook, Skype, Apple, and Amazon really did it, by learning the methods and approaches these mega-successful brands implemented.

And you'll understand why the key to successful digital transformation is a customer driven digital approach that draws on customer thinking, decisions, and behaviour.

The Strategy Journey will teach you how to use the same “co-creation” method Facebook, Skype, Apple, and Amazon took, so you can align your brand with your customers and drive sustainable growth.

There are many more examples, each covering the specific digital strategies used by successful businesses including Vitality, Harvard Business School, Udacity, Tesla, Google and the Singapore Government … The Strategy Journey also showcases many small business examples including the success strategies of a Pilates studio, a café, a local vet practice, a digital marketing agency, a recruitment agency, a dance studio, and more ...

The Strategy Journey contains everything you need to transform for success in the digital age.

With it you’ll understand the framework driving the entire business lifecycle, gain the methodology to navigate a shifting digital economy, and learn to follow a tried and tested process that will prime your business, organization, brand and your career for prosperity.

You’ll make use of helpful tools, tips, and tricks, and will learn from valuable case studies that provide blueprints for business success, and teach you how to avoid the pitfalls.

You'll get:

  • Invaluable input from our team of global digital experts
  • Clear case studies - successes and failures you can learn from
  • 25 design inspired canvas that you can use as templates and apply at each stage of your business and in every situation
  • Innovative practical method you can apply immediately to tackle any challenge
  • Useful tools to assess your business and strategize smartly



Who's the Strategy Journey For?

If you want to gain a competitive edge and steer your business to success in the digital age, The Strategy Journey is for you.

Whether you’re a business owner, CEO, COO, solo entrepreneur, business strategist architect, or transformational specialist – this invaluable guide will teach you how to:
  • Lay the right foundations
  • Leverage the latest technology
  • Identify and overcome challenges
  • Future proof your brand
  • Maximise your opportunities


The Strategy Journey...
will be your guide through the digital maze, teaching you how to create a customer driven business model that guarantees success.

With pages of expertise that would cost you hundreds of thousands, if you went to a professional business consultant, The Strategy Journey has all you need to survive - and thrive- in today's shifting digital economy. Learn how to adapt and scale for sustainable success in an ever-changing online world and future proof your brand against digital disruption.

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Meet The Authors

A former software engineer, Julie specialized in Intelligent Networks, VOIP, and Big Data, and more recently, AI and Blockchain. She’s helped big brands like General Motors, General Electric, HSBC, Barclays, and Deutsche Bank, to scale and launch new global business lines that leverage the latest technologies. Julie has been asked to lecture at business schools around the world, including the prestigious London Institute of Banking and Finance.

With a PHD in Physics, Graham was Chief Scientist for an emerging healthcare start-up that developed new technology, before moving into banking, where he ran enterprise architecture and operating models for big banks like UBS, Standard Bank, and HSBC. Graham’s specialism is in emerging markets, giving him the expert insight needed to successfully scale using new technology in growing economies.

A Harvard Graduate, Sam has co-founded a range of diverse and thriving businesses, from a recruitment consulting firm that floated its first IPO, to a chemical design and manufacturing company, and an Asia-Pacific Business Network. A mastercoach for several SME’s across Asia and the Middle East, Sam has advised Governments across Asia in setting up Entrepreneur Networks and Communities.

Co-founder of LeadThink and BreakThru Leadership, which specialise in building leadership capabilities, Lauren has designed capability and competency models which have helped global corporations successfully transform. Lauren has worked with IBM, Deloitte, Credit Suisse, and BHP Billiton, and was Group Chair at the Executive Global Network in Singapore, as well as trainer at the National University of Singapore.

Senior Partner at Valuation Consulting LLP, Kelvin previously founded the Society of Share and Business Valuers, was the founding expert of Lord Woolf’s Expert Witness Institute, and served on the UK Government’s Share Valuation Council for 17 years. In the Strategy Journey he lends his expert opinion to Julie’s chapter on asset and company valuation, that advises how to best leverage network effects, and increase the value of your business through assets.


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