The Strategy Journey Framework and Methodology


Transform your Business with AGILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY & ACTION in the Digital Age

Five Models & 25 Templates

The framework will empower enterprises of all shapes and sizes in different industries, locations, cultures and ecosystems, to proactively navigate their business journey to capture and deliver value for all business stakeholders, especially customers. It enables a business to bridge the gap between strategy design and strategy execution, and achieve ROI from business transformation.


Three Guided Paths enabling enterprises to:

Manage Disruption

Design the business to manage disruption. Empower the organization and teams with the tools and techniques to adapt to disruption, and proactively innovate for disruption. Be able to scale to disrupt the marketplace.

Produce Value

Co-create differentiated services that produce value for customers, users, and internal stakeholders. Maximize value by delivering to the customer journey. Gear up internal services to serve external customers. 

Execute with Agility

Optimize business agility to provide speed to market, speed of service as well as quality of service along the transformation journey. Instill a customer-centric culture along with the optimal location footprint for execution.

Improve Return-On-Investment

  1. Leverage resources, across your business's operating model in optimal and cohesive combinations to produce solutions with value-add outcomes, that are aligned to strategic objectives. Find the balance between deploying talent versus the latest technologies.
  2. Build cost effective capabilities that are re-usable, thus reducing wasted time and funds on unnecessary activities, as well as opportunity costs.
  3. Learn continuously from customers and partners to improve service deliver and internal capabilities.
  4. Prioritize and focus the organization in effort and resources, including innovation and business transformation on its unique service proposition (USP).
  5. Implement the desired business model(s), profit and financial growth, and as well as other forms of value including customer value, business or asset value,  and social value.
Bring it all together to achieve ROI from Business Transformation.

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Joining the dots... and integrating them with Best Practices

THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework builds on many existing best practices to provide the next logical step in the strategy-to-execution lifecycle... by joining the dots... between strategy design through ideation... and projects where transformation is executed.

It is a Business Architecture methodology that enables the logical layer of the enterprise to be built out, to provide that bridge between conceptual designs (that are directional rather than logical or description) provided by methodologies* such as:

  • Business Model Canvas (BMC)
  • Value Proposition Canvas (VPC)
  • Operating Model Canvas (OMC)

and the physical and implementation layers of an enterprise where the detailed activities including actions, tasks and events, operated by people or by machines (through machine code including Artificial Intelligence), take place.

Five Models that empower an enterprise to navigate through the stages of their STRATEGY JOURNEY


What is the purpose of the business? What are the organizational values? What is the Mission and Vision? What goals and strategic objectives does the enterprise want to achieve by when? Develop a business blueprint and game plans to bring these to life for your organization.

NB: The Mission Model Blueprint template is an adapted and updated build on the Balance Scorecard (BS) and Business Motivation Model (BMM) to cover digital transformation


Who are the customers, what is the product and service mix (ie. packages), and what are the distribution networks or platforms required to commercialize the business and drive profit growth? What are the funding and asset strategies required?

* All 5 templates in this model are linked to the Business Model Canvas (BMC) and Value Proposition Canvas (VPC), providing a logical expansion into the detail level of detail required for execution


What constitutes value to customers, users and different internal stakeholders and partners? What capabilities does a business need to build along its value chain, service value streams and customer journeys?What are the gaps or opportunities for innovation that the enterprise can capitalize to produce added value?

* The Customer Journey Map and Value Stream Designer templates link to the Value Proposition Canvas (VPC), providing a logical expansion into the next level of detail required for execution

** The Value Chain Modeller template is linked to value chain in the Operating Model Canvas (OMC)


How is the organization operating, using people, process, data and technology or system resources?Where and when, from a location footprint perspective, should the enterprise operate as it mixes its capabilities in a global digital world incorporating in-house capabilities with in-sourced and out-sourced capabilities? How is the enterprise performing and what is the current state maturity of its capabilities?

All 5 templates in this model are linked to the Operating Model Canvas (OMC), providing a logical expansion into the detail level of detail required for execution, as well as linking to the conceptual, logical and physical layers of the Zachman Framework


How do you change and adapt the enterprise as the ecosystem around it changes? What’s your plan for the future? How will you align change initiatives to ensure delivery of strategic outcomes? How do you build agility, accountability and action in the enterprise, manage and/or change culture and transform through co-creation?

NB: All 5 templates in this model can be linked to multiple project management practices including the Agile Project Management Framework, and even Holacracy

Structured Design Thinking

It has been proven that design thinking practices like whiteboarding and using POST-ITs on a wall can activate up to 80% more of your brain by tapping into your creativity.

BUT can you combine design thinking with structure and detail? Are these methods congruent?

The 25 templates of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework across the 5 models have been designed specifically to help you use design thinking along with structure, to facilitate simple, better and faster transformation in your organization.

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