A 'behind the method' paper on THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Methodology (based onTHE STRATEGY JOURNEY Book - 2018-2019). 

This detailed paper explains what THE STRATEGY JOURNEY is and why understanding how it works can improve agility, accountability and action in any organization, and deliver value added outcomes for all stakeholders, including customers, partners, staff and shareholders.

The paper delves into the tools and techniques offered by 
THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework and Methodology to tackle all the latest business transformation challenges faced by enterprises in the digital age.


Learn how to navigate the fives stages of the business lifecycle and business transformation journey with their different obstacles and challenges in the game of business.


Learn how to combine science and art, with the Framework of 5 models and 25 design thinking canvases that can be used to create and deliver value added business outcomes.


Learn the 5-step process to develop business agility, and how to apply co-creation techniques using the three guided strategy journey paths to transform your organization.

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